Thursday, 19 March 2009


So, that was actually a pretty good gig. 

Two things of note - 1. Lots of CDs sold and requests for autographs and (b) an attactive female under the age of 30 was in the front row. That's not quite the sexist aside it may seem - it's just that this is a subset of the human race that rarely appears at Dakota Suite gigs in Germany. 

Something about us seems to attract mainly nerdy men. It's OK, we're nerdy men, too. And it's nice to be in company. But it's also nice to know that particular feelings cross over. For some reason only in Spain did we ever see females at the front and singing the words. So, random unknown female of Halle, we salute you. 

Meantime, some relief. This was a good enough gig that we sold a load of CDs and got asked to sign a bunch too. We are playing Berlin tomorrow with a load of journo / music types in the house, so it's nice to know that we don't always blow like a cow's arse. 

Woo and, indeed, yay. 

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